Tournament Information

Planning and Holding an IGFR-Australia Tournament

The IGFR-Australia holds one tournament per year rotated on a State by State basis annually. The selection of an area for the tournament should have one or two championship courses in close proximity, adequate accommodation and plenty of interesting things to do. Download the document below for more information.

Planning & Holding an AGFR Tournament pdf

Sir Clem Renouf Trophy

Best Total Team Aggregate Stableford Score

YearLocationStateSir Clem Renouf Team Trophy
1979Peninsula Country Golf ClubVicEddie Rainbow and Jim Robinson
1980Peninsula Country GCVicBob McNab and Neil Preston
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWLes Sturzaker and Jack Laxton
1982Peninsula Country GCVicBert Adams and Neville Doyle
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasJeff Earl and Joseph Bray
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldFrank Mott and Norman Jordan
1985Orange GCNSWGreg Carter and Alf Chandler
1986Peninsula Country GCVicBrian Turner and Tony Blackmore
1987Grange Golf ClubSAArch Tonkin and Lloyd Marendez
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWMurray Guille and Bill Montague
1989Palm Meadows GCQldRob Heaney and Ron Borland
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicPeter Hannah and Don Huskisson
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWPeter Hannah and Don McRae
1992Adelaide GC'sSAIvor Lewis and Les Vagg
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicRay Duncanson and Barrie Nash
1994Royal Pines GCQldNot Known
1995Murray Downs GCVicPeter Hannah and Malcolm Kemp
1996Peninsula Country GCVicJohn Bounty and David Clough
1997Riverside OaksNSWJohn Hood and Joe Devereaux
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSABill Montague and Bill Wilson
1999Darwin GCNTAlan Nicholls and Kevin Beaumont
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldTony Blackmore and Ed Castisos
2001Murray Downs GCVicBevin Pinner and Graeme Clark
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasGreg Armstrong and Vern Gilbert
2003Bonville International GRNSWBarrie Nash and Graham Emzin
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSAGavan Grayson and Brian Turner
2005Darwin GCNTDale Wiles and Neville Baxter
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldBrian Esselbach and Ron Petherick
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicErnie Dunstan and Gerard Maloney
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasCliffe Searle and Joe Devereaux
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWBevan Pinner and Ernie Dunstan
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAJeff Stephenson and Leigh Iles
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSACliffe Searle and Jim McNally
2012Darwin GCNTGrenville Courtland & John Lette
2013CairnsQldPaul Grubb & Mike Berman
2014HamiltonVicIan Doak and Rod Boyle
2015LauncestonTasLeigh Iles and Vern Gilbert
2016MedowieNSWLou Buzai and Graeme Woolacott
2017Perth WAPeter Wylie and Robert Walters
2018Murray BridgeSAPeter Beatie and Jeff Stephenson
2019Alice SpringsNTLeigh Iles and Peter Gibson
2021MaroochydoreQldPaul Grubb & Vern Gilbert
2022HobartTasPeter Anderson & Paul Grubb
2023MerimbulaNSWNoel McRoberts & Aiden Wood

The Victoria Trophy

2nd Best Total Team Aggregate Stableford Score

YearLocationStateVictoria Team Trophy
1979Peninsula Country Golf ClubVicBert Adams and Neville Doyle
1980Peninsula Country GCVicJohn Hood and Bob Monteith
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWMurray Guille and Max Edwards
1982Peninsula Country GCVicMurray Guille and Laurie Taylor
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasAlan Fulton and Eric Crawford
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldDoug May and Russell Farr
1985Orange GCNSWMax Edwards and Bill Montague
1986Peninsula Country GCVicGib Finlay and Bob Constable
1987Grange Golf ClubSAJohn Humphries and Neil Mc Creey
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWBrian Turner and Tony Blackmore
1989Palm Meadows GCQldJohn Hood and Kevin Beaumont
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicFrank Mott and Norman Jordan
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWGreg Carter and Ralph Pownall
1992Adelaide GC'sSAGraham Donaldson and Tom Walsh
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicJim Robinson and Alastair Ward
1994Royal Pines GCQldArch Tonkin and Dale Wiles
1995Murray Downs GCVicMaurice Keenan and Alan Greig
1996Peninsula Country GCVicAlastair Ward and Joe Devereaux
1997Riverside OaksNSWGreg Armstrong and Doug Barton
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSAErnie Dunstan and Joe Devereaux
1999Darwin GCNTJohn Hood and Vince Rehbein
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldRobert Motteram and Peter Faulkner
2001Murray Downs GCVicGreg Armstrong and Ray Manchester
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasMichael Gentile and Bill Gurnett
2003Bonville International GRNSWBarry Watson and Bill Ungerer
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSABob Mills and Kerry Osborne
2005Darwin GCNTGraham Searle and Kevin Beaumont
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldBob Mills and Geoff Morgan
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicMurray Guille and Norman Millhouse
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasBernie Waixel and Bob Louis
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWVern Gilbert and John Cotter
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAColin Hebbard and Bryan Waters
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSAMichael Irwin and Peter Faulkner
2012Darwin GCNTBert Ainge & Cliff Searle
2013CairnsQldAllan Towart & John Sykes
2014HamiltonVicJoe Devereux and Ian Ferguson
2015LauncestonTasGraeme Moore and Peter Faulkner
2016MedowieNSWJohn Cotter and Vern Gilbert
2017PerthWAPierre Kriegler and Ros McLernon
2018Murray BridgeSADavid Clough and Bert Ainge
2019Alice SpringsNTPaul Grubb and Ronald Saint
2021MaroochydoreQldAlastair Ward & Leigh Isles
2022HobartTasMichael Irwin & Bert Ainge
2023MerimbulaNSWDennis Rebbeck & John Cotter

Royce Abbey Trophy

Highest Individual Aggregate Score with Handicap

Royce Abbey Trophy 2

YearLocationStateRoyce Abbey Trophy
1989Palm Meadows GCQldRob Heaney
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicPeter Hannah
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWDon McRae
1992Adelaide GC'sSADavid Hannah
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicGreg Wheeler
1994Royal Pines GCQldPeter Hannah
1995Murray Downs GCVicMaurice Keenan
1996Peninsula Country GCVicMerv Cross
1997Riverside OaksNSWWayne Denmeade
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSAGreg Armstrong
1999Darwin GCNTKevin Beaumont
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldRobert Greig
2001Murray Downs GCVicBevin Pinner
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasTony Blackmore
2003Bonville International GRNSWPeter Riddett
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSARobert Motteram
2005Darwin GCNTBrian Turner
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldGavan Gratston
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicRobert Motteram
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasTony Smith
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWJohn Lette
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAJeff Stephenson
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSADavid Clough
2012Darwin GCNTJeff Stephenson
2013CairnsQldKevin Beaumont
2014HamiltonVicRod Boyle
2015LauncestonTasJohn Lette
2016MedowieNSWBert Ainge
2017PerthWADavid Clough
2018Murray BridgeSABert Ainge
2019Alice SpringsNTPaul Grubb
2021MaroochydoreQldGeoff Fitzpatrick
2022HobartTasPaul Grubb
2023MerimbulaNSWGreg Winston

West Australia Trophy

Highest Individual Aggregate Score without Handicap

West Australian Trophy

YearLocationStateWest Australia Trophy
1979Peninsula Country Golf ClubVicBob Louis
1980Peninsula Country GCVicJohn Hood
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWJohn Hood
1982Peninsula Country GCVicJohn Hood
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasPeter Gardiner
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldJohn Hood
1985Orange GCNSWPeter Gardiner
1986Peninsula Country GCVicJohn Hood
1987Grange Golf ClubSAJohn Hood
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWDavid Drury
1989Palm Meadows GCQldJohn Hood
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicJohn Hood
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWPeter Hannah
1992Adelaide GC'sSAPeter Hannah
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicDaryl Kitchin
1994Royal Pines GCQldDaryl Kitchin
1995Murray Downs GCVicPeter Hannah
1996Peninsula Country GCVicDaryl Kitchin
1997Riverside OaksNSWDaryl Kitchin
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSADaryl Kitchin
1999Darwin GCNTPierre Kriegler
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldBevin Pinner
2001Murray Downs GCVicGreg Armstrong
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasBevin Pinner
2003Bonville International GRNSWRon Petherick
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSABrian Turner
2005Darwin GCNTJohn Heathcote
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldRon Petherick
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicJohn Heathcote
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasBrian Turner
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWBrian Turner
2010West Australian Golf ClubWARodney Woodman
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSAJohn Heathcote
2012Darwin GCNTJohn Heathcote
2013CairnsQldJohn Sykes
2014HamiltonVicDaryl Pobjoy
2015LauncestonTasDavid Clough
2016MedowieNSWJohn Cotter
2017PerthWADavid Clough
2018Murray BridgeSAPaul Street
2019Alice SpringsNTDaryl Pobjoy
2021MaroochydoreQldDaryl Pobjoy
2022HobartTasDaryl Pobjoy
2023MerimbulaNSWPhil Rolfe

South Australia Trophy

Division 1 Player with the Highest Aggregate Stableford Score

South Australian Trophy 2

YearLocationStateSouth Australia Trophy
1979Peninsula Country Golf ClubVicNorm Jordan
1980Peninsula Country GCVicLes Vagg
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWMurray Guille
1982Peninsula Country GCVicMurray Guille
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasJeff Earl
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldFrank Mott
1985Orange GCNSWGreg Carter
1986Peninsula Country GCVicBob Constable
1987Grange Golf ClubSAJustin Hughes
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWNoel Guthrie
1989Palm Meadows GCQldFrank Mott
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicRoger Boyle
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWGraham Donaldson
1992Adelaide GC'sSAGraham Donaldson
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicBarrie Nash
1994Royal Pines GCQldColin Longman
1995Murray Downs GCVicBill Gurnett
1996Peninsula Country GCVicLou Gal
1997Riverside OaksNSWJohn Dewan
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSARobert Motteram
1999Darwin GCNTBill Gurnett
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldPierre Kriegler
2001Murray Downs GCVicLes King
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasPierre Kriegler
2003Bonville International GRNSWBarry Watson
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSARob Cunningham
2005Darwin GCNTMartin Jolly
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldDarrin Dittman
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicBevan Pinner
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasCliffe Searle
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWCliff Searle
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAPeter Anderson
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSACliff Searle
2012Darwin GCNTTim Landsberg
2013CairnsQldAidan Wood
2014HamiltonVicIan Doak
2015LauncestonTasBill Pitt
2016MedowieNSWLou Buzai
2017PerthWARobert Walters
2018Murray BridgeSAPaul Grubb
2019Alice SpringsNTJohn Cotter
2021MaroochydoreQldStephen Bray
2022HobartTasTui Aulitiia
2023MerimbulaNSWAiden Wood

Tasmania Trophy

Division 2 Player with the Highest Aggregate Stableford Score

Tasmanian Trophy 4

YearLocationStateTasmania Trophy
1979Peninsula Country Golf ClubVicJim Robinson
1980Peninsula Country GCVicNeil Preston
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWJack Laxton
1982Peninsula Country GCVicNeville Doyle
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasNeville Doyle
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldJohn Humphries
1985Orange GCNSWBill Montague
1986Peninsula Country GCVicTony Blackmore
1987Grange Golf ClubSAArch Tonkin
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWBill Montague
1989Palm Meadows GCQldDavid Gilmour
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicRex Davis
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWRalph Pownell
1992Adelaide GC'sSAIvor Lewis
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicKevin Beaumont
1994Royal Pines GCQldColin Croft
1995Murray Downs GCVicRick Kent
1996Peninsula Country GCVicPeter Very
1997Riverside OaksNSWKeith Benedetti
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSAJoe Devereaux
1999Darwin GCNTVince Rehbein
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldKevin Beaumont
2001Murray Downs GCVicKevin Beaumont
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasVern Gilbert
2003Bonville International GRNSWDavid Rew
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSADavid Richards
2005Darwin GCNTWayne Nicholls
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldPeter Very
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicErnie Dunstan
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasKevin Beaumont
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWErnie Dunstan
2010West Australian Golf ClubWABryan Waters
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSAMichael Irwin
2012Darwin GCNTLes Woodland
2013CairnsQldPaul Grubb
2014HamiltonVicGerri Griffin
2015LauncestonTasVern Gilbert
2016MedowieNSWPaul Grubb
2017PerthWANeville Willis
2018Murray BridgeSAJeff Stephenson
2019Alice SpringsNTPaul Grubb
2021MaroochydoreQldAlastair Ward
2022HobartTasPaul Simon
2023MerimbulaNSWPaul Simon

Northern Territory Trophy

Division 3 Player with the Highest Individual Aggregate Stableford Score

Northern Territory Trophy

YearLocationStateNorthern Territory Trophy
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldBruce Spork
2001Murray Downs GCVic
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasWayne Nicholls
2003Bonville International GRNSWJohn Sykes
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSAKerry Osborne
2005Darwin GCNTBryan Waters
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldCliff Searle
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicGerard Maloney
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasBevin Pinner
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWGerard Moloney
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAColin Hebbard
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSAJoe Devereaux
2012Darwin GCNTBarry Stokes
2013CairnsQldCharlie Prizeman
2014HamiltonVicJoe Devereux
2015LauncestonTasGraeme Moore
2016MedowieNSWBob Mills
2017PerthWAPeter Wylie
2018Murray BridgeSATyrrell McGeever
2019Alice SpringsNTChris Tuck
2021MaroochydoreQldJudy Coultas
2022HobartTasMichael Irwin
2023MerimbulaNSWDennis Rebbeck

Queensland Trophy

Division 1 Player with the 2nd Highest Individual Aggregate Stableford Score

Queensland Trophy

YearLocationStateQueensland Trophy
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWAlan Willis
1982Peninsula Country GCVicMervyn Cross
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasNorman Jordan
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldGordon Donaldson
1985Orange GCNSWAlan Willis
1986Peninsula Country GCVicBrian Goudie
1987Grange Golf ClubSABob Louis
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWGeoff Colquoun
1989Palm Meadows GCQldJohn Incher
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicBob Louis
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWPeter Newey
1992Adelaide GC'sSAJohn Hood
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicColin Hill
1994Royal Pines GCQldDale Wiles
1995Murray Downs GCVicDaryl Kitchin
1996Peninsula Country GCVicLea Caldwell
1997Riverside OaksNSWAlan Nichols
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSATony Blackmore
1999Darwin GCNTRobert Motteram
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldTony Blackmore
2001Murray Downs GCVicBill Gurnett
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasJohn Sykes
2003Bonville International GRNSWMark Dodd
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSABrian Waters
2005Darwin GCNTGeoffrey Walduck
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldDes Evans
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicCol Shaw
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasDavid Wittner
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWKen Jones
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAJohn Heathcote
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSANeville Williams
2012Darwin GCNTSteven Robinson
2013CairnsQldTim Landsberg
2014HamiltonVicPaul Grubb
2015LauncestonTasDavid Hewitt
2016MedowieNSWBill Pitt
2017PerthWAPeter Wylie
2018Murray BridgeSAAiden Wood
2019Alice SpringsNTNeil Ross
2021MaroochydoreQldJohn Cotter
2022HobartTasAidan Wood
2023MerimbulaNSWGeoff Oliver

Glen Kinross Trophy

Player 65 years or over with the Highest Individual Aggregate Stableford Score

Glen Kinross Trophy 2

YearLocationStateGlen Kinross Trophy (Seniors)
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldGavan Grayston
2001Murray Downs GCVicBill Chillingworth
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasAdrian Hayward
2003Bonville International GRNSWBrian Turner
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSAJo Devereaux
2005Darwin GCNTKevin Beaumont
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldPeter Morgan
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicMurray Guille
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasDennis Cox
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWJohn Heathcote
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAAlan Greig
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSARobney Tate
2012Darwin GCNTAlistair Ward
2013CairnsQldDavid Court
2014HamiltonVicRob Motteram
2015LauncestonTasGrenville Courtland
2016MedowieNSWDavid Clough
2017PerthWAPierre Kriegler
2018Murray BridgeSADoug Green
2019Alice SpringsNTJohn Lette
2021MaroochydoreQldGerald Sadler
2022HobartTasDennis Rebeck
2023MerimbulaNSWNeil Ross

Australian Capital Territory Trophy

Division Division 3 Player with the 2nd Best Individual Aggregate Stableford Score

YearLocationStateACT Trophy
2010West Australian Golf ClubWAKevin Beaumont
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSABarry Preskett
2012Darwin GCNTTim Anderson
2013CairnsQldBarry Stokes
2014HamiltonVicTim Anderson
2015LauncestonTasTyrrell McGeever
2016MedowieNSWGraeme Woolacott
2017PerthWAPhillip Hedley
2018Murray BridgeSANoel Kenna
2019Alice SpringsNTSuzie Adams
2021MaroochydoreQldPeter Faulkner
2022HobartTasRon Saint
2023MerimbulaNSWRon Saint

New South Wales Trophy

Division 2 Player with the 2nd Best Individual Aggregate Stableford Score

NSW Trophy

YearLocationStateNew South Wales Trophy
1981Elanora & Monash GC'sNSWJim Read
1982Peninsula Country GCVicLes Sturzaker
1983Launceston & Mowbray GC'sTasAlan Fulton
1984KooralbynCountry GCQldKevin Beaumont
1985Orange GCNSWBob Powell
1986Peninsula Country GCVicArch Tonkin
1987Grange Golf ClubSACosta Garland
1988Albury & Thurgoona GC'sNSWJim Carrey
1989Palm Meadows GCQldRay Duncanson
1990Royal Melbourne GCVicAlan Guest
1991Duntryleague GC Orange GCNSWPeter Garry
1992Adelaide GC'sSAArch Tonkin
1993Wodonga & Albury GC'sVicPaul Dale
1994Royal Pines GCQldAlby Thomson
1995Murray Downs GCVicMalcolm Kemp
1996Peninsula Country GCVicErnie Dunstan
1997Riverside OaksNSWVern Gilbert
1998Loxton & Berri GC'sSABill Montague
1999Darwin GCNTColin Hill
2000RQGC & Indooroopilly GCQldNeville Berry
2001Murray Downs GCVicDennis Wade
2002Country Club Resort LauncestonTasPeter Faulkner
2003Bonville International GRNSWPeter Brownrigg
2004Barossa Valley & Tanunda GC'sSAWayne Nicolls
2005Darwin GCNTDale Wiles
2006Gladstone & Calliope GCsQldPeter Brownrigg
2007Warrnambool & Port Fairy GCsVicMurray Guille
2008Claremont & Tasmania GC'sTasBob Mills
2009Richmond & Windsor GCsNSWSid Kelly
2010West Australian Golf ClubWARodney Tate
2011Victor Harbor & McCracken GC'sSAJohn Lette
2012Darwin GCNTJohn Lette
2013CairnsQldWilliam Ritson
2014HamiltonVicPhilip Headley
2015LauncestonTasPeter Gibson
2016MedowieNSWGrenville Courtland
2017PerthWAGreg Armstrong
2018Murray BridgeSAPeter Gibson
2019Alice SpringsNTPeter Gibson
2021MaroochydoreQldLeigh Isles
2022HobartTasPeter Marer
2023MerimbulaNSWPeter Marer

Ian Risley Trophy

Rotarian aged 71 or over with Best Total Stableford Score

YearLocationStateIan Risley Trophy
2018Murray BridgeSADavid Motteram
2019Alice SpringsNTLeigh Iles
2021MaroochydoreQldPaul Grubb
2022HobartTasBert Ainge
2023MerimbulaNSWStephen Humphrey

Sandgroper Trophy

2017 Perth WASouth Australia

Guest Trophies 2021

Best Team Total Score – Greta de Hoogd & Ann Grubb

Best Individual Trophy – Greta de Hoogd

2nd Best Team Total Score – Marie Lown & Nick Simon

2nd Best Individual Trophy – Maxine Gilbert

Guest Trophies 2022

Best Stableford Team Score – Lee Farrell & Tania Wood

2nd Best Stableford Team Score – Maxine Gilbert & Marie Lown

Best Stableford Individual – Marie Lown

2nd Best Stableford Individual – Nicholas Simon

2nd Best Individual Trophy – Maxine Gilbert

Guest Trophies 2017

Best Team Total Score – Greta De Hoogd & Julie Thompson

Runner Up Best Team Total Score – Heather Motteram & Lois Faulkner

Best Individual Trophy – Halina Beale

Runner Up Best Individual Score – Greta De Hoogd